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El Lashes is committed to helping you look and maintain perfect lashes.

Here is our suggestions: 


24-48 hours after your appointment

  •  Please Avoid wetting the lashes as the glue will take 24-48hrs to settle on the lashes.

  • Please Avoid any hot steam from the shower and steam room or facials.

  • Please Avoid using any eye makeup, creams for the next 24 hrs

  •  Please Avoid pulling, touching, or harsh brushing the lashes 


After 48 hrs

  • Please Avoid oil- based substances near the eyelashes.

  • Please avoid lash curlers.

  • Please Avoid picking, pulling or trying to remove the extensions as this should be done by a professional lash technician.


How to clean the lashes

  • An oil free soap or oil free eye makeup foam with water would clean the lashes.

  • Brushing the lashes gently often would help them look tidy and clean.

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